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Types of EV chargers

You have an electric car or you are thinking of buying one and you don't know which charger to install.

In this post, we answer the key questions to decide: which are types of recharging points for electric cars, vital for recharging our vehicle's battery?

Indeed, it is necessary to buy a suitable charging point according to the needs of your vehicle and its characteristics (type of connector, admitted power, battery capacity, etc.), and also according to your needs and personal circumstances (type of garage, daily driving distance, etc.)

1. Portable charging point

One of the most used types of recharging point is the portable or portable EV.

The portable charger for electric cars allows recharging in conventional domestic connectors and also in industrial ones (CEE, three-phase or single-phase) through a control unit that provides a safe charge for the vehicle.

Small dimensions

The fundamental advantage of these chargers is that they have reduced dimensions and weight and that they can be carried in the trunk of the electric car without problems.

In this way, regardless of the autonomy of the car, you can recharge the car anywhere, with the only requirement of having a power outlet (including a conventional plug).

portable ev charger 1-10

2. Portable charger with Schuko or Cetac connector

It will depend on the needs of each user to choose a portable charger with a Schuko connector (conventional plug) or an industrial one (CEE, Cetac).

Likewise, you will have to take into account the type of connector of the vehicle (depending on its make and model), which may be a Type 1 (SAE J1772) or Type 2 (IEC 62196-2 or Mennekes) connector.

It is also essential to choose the maximum amps you need (16A, 32A, etc.). It will depend on the capacity of the vehicle to carry out a single-phase or three-phase recharge and on the intensity accepted).

Finally, you may be interested in adapters, and accessories that can make it easier for you to recharge your car in any circumstance.

3. Wall charging point

Wall charging points (also called Wallbox) allow you to safely recharge any type of electric or plug-in hybrid car.

These are chargers that are installed by means of anchors on the garage wall, whether it is a private or single-family garage or a community garage.

Charging point with dynamic power control

Dynamic power control is the latest advance in electric car charging. It is a technology that balances the load between the electric vehicle and other household consumption so that you never exceed the contracted power.

In this way, you will prevent the charging of the electric car from causing power outages in your home. Charging points with dynamic power control can be used in installations with a minimum of 1.8 kW of contracted power.

This smart sensor also helps you save on energy consumption since in most cases it will not be necessary to increase the contracted power. If you want a safe charge, use Acecharger. You shall see what safety while charging truly means!

Wall chargers are the ones commonly used to charge electric and hybrid cars, due to their simple installation, ease of use, and their economic cost.

Of course, as we have seen previously with portable charging points, aspects such as the type of connector used by the vehicle (Type 1, Type 2), the socket needed (CEE, Schuko), the maximum intensity (amps) at which you can recharge the vehicle or the nature of the charge (single-phase or three-phase).

wall box ev charger

4. Pole charging point (Pole)

The recharging posts for electric vehicles allow recharging in mode 4. That is, at an intensity that normally performs 80% of the vehicle's battery charge in approximately half an hour.

These types of charging points belong to companies or public administrations and make up a very useful network of charging points for public use.

In summary: what electric car chargers can I buy?

The function and use criterion segments the types of recharging points into these types:

-       Portable charging points. Especially useful if you plan to make trips of a certain distance. It is almost essential to consider adapters to guarantee recharging at any geographical point.

-       Wall charging points. They are installed on the wall and are the most convenient and usual option for drivers of electric vehicles with Own garage, whether private or community. It involves a higher investment than with portable charging points, but the medium-long term benefit is almost guaranteed.

-       Post recharging points. Within the types of recharging points, the poles are not designed for private users, but are used to recharge a vehicle in areas authorized by public administrations or by private companies (for example, in charging stations).

ev charger types

With options like ACEcharger, you make sure you get one of the best-charging stations on the market. It is safe, reliable, and with an incredible design. In addition, it has plug-and-play technology, which makes it even easier to use.

If you have doubts about the types of EV chargers that may best fit your needs, our team can advise you in a completely personalized way. We work with large companies and distributors, offering charging solutions that differentiate us from the competition. Contact without obligation!