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What is your warranty period?

We offer a two-year warranty on AC chargers and a one-year warranty on DC chargers. If an abnormality occurs with the chargers, use the following treatments as the after-sales policy, whether in the domestic or international market:

1. For some simple problems, such as abnormal operation, wiring anomalies, and network failures, we provide remote support while the customer performs on-site maintenance.

2. We compensate for complicated problems or quality hazards by providing spare parts/units for the customer to replace the defective parts/units. The seller is responsible for the transportation costs to ship the spare parts/units to the customer, and we choose the mode of transportation.

What are the performance, safety, and reliability advantages of ACE chargers??

Our charging stations have high IP ratings (IP65 and IP55), with safety features like overheating protection, short-circuit protection, and leakage protection.

What certifications do ACEcharger have?

Our products are based on 62 proprietary patents, which guarantee in-depth knowledge of the technology to offer a charging station of the highest quality and with guarantees.

You will be able to consult all our certifications before placing your order, but we guarantee that with ACEchargers you will not have any difficulties in importing the product to your reference market. We are a solvent, professional and demanding company.

Any discounts for bulk purchases and long-term collaborations?

We offer price discounts for large orders, flexible payment terms, and opportunities for joint product development and customization.

Do you have a required minimum order amount?

Yes, we can accept 1-2 samples for the initial order; however, when it comes to bulk orders, the MOQ for each product should be adhered to.

How long does a lead normally take?

The lead time for samples is approximately 7 days. After receiving a deposit payment, the lead time for mass production is 20–30 days. When (1) we have received your deposit and (2) we have received your final approval for your products, the lead times go into effect. Please discuss your needs with your sale if our lead times conflict with your deadline. We will make every effort to meet your needs. Most of the time, we can accomplish this.

What kind of plugs do you offer?

All kinds of plugs are available for you to choose from:


Our company is constantly developing, so we always offer innovative solutions to our customers. We have all kinds of charging stations, but also different wiring and other essential technology to charge vehicles.

On the other hand, all our products allow a high degree of customization. Thanks to this, it is possible to design charging systems with your logo, specific packaging or the user manual according to your preferences.

In case your company has a particular need, you can write us a message and we will study the possibility of offering you personalized solutions. At ACEchargers we have a team of award-winning engineers who can provide the right answer for each customer.

Are your charging stations plug and play?

Yes. At ACEchargers we aspire for anyone to be able to use our charging points. We designed them with the average user in mind, who is looking for a product that is easy to use and works great.

This has led us to develop all of our products with the plug and play concept in mind. In fact, we take maximum care of the design, to create attractive lines that draw the customer's attention. We also adapt to the power standard, plug type and voltage of the end customer's market, to ensure that our charging station transmits confidence and security.