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Tesla cuts home charger prices after ditching chargers that come with new cars

        Tesla has slashed prices on two home chargers after removing the chargers that come with the new cars it supplies. The automaker is also adding the charger to its online configurator as a reminder to new customers to buy.
       Since its founding, Tesla has shipped a mobile charger in every new car it delivers, but CEO Elon Musk claims that Tesla’s “usage statistics” show the charger is being used at an “extremely high rate.”
        We doubt this claim as some data shows that Tesla owners regularly use the included mobile charger. However, it looks like Tesla will still forge ahead. To soften the blow, Musk announced that Tesla would cut the price of mobile chargers.
       Tesla has now followed up on Musk’s announcement of a price cut for the charging solution:
       Tesla already has some of the best prices in the industry when it comes to home charging stations, but those prices are particularly impressive, especially for a wall jack, as any 48-amp Wi-Fi connection typically costs at least $600.
       In addition to the pricing update, Tesla has also added a charging solution to its online car configurator:
       This is important as buyers must now ensure they have an in-home charging solution at the time of purchase as they cannot rely on the solution that comes with the car.
        As we suspected when Tesla first announced the move, it could be a supply issue as no mobile chargers have been ordered. Now the configurator even says that delivery is expected between August and October.
       Luckily for Tesla, most new orders are also expected to ship around this time, but it looks like Tesla is still having trouble securing enough mobile chargers.
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