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Amsterdam-based company Fastned is spending 13 million euros to develop a fast-charging network for electric vehicles.

Amsterdam-based fast-charging company Fastned announced on Thursday that it has received new bonds worth 10.8 million euros.
In addition, investors increased investments of €2.3 million from previous issues, bringing the round’s total offer to over €13 million.
From November 29 to December 21, investors can subscribe for bonds with an interest rate of 5 percent and a maturity of 4.5 years.
Holders of Fastned bonds purchased prior to April 2019 can also extend their investment by exchanging them for newly issued bonds.
This reduces Fastned’s 2022 payout obligations by almost 11 million euros, including the previous deferment.
Victor Van Dijk, CFO of Fastned, said: “Fastned is building more venues this year than ever before and we are committed to accelerating construction even further in the coming years to reach our goal of 1,000 venues by 2030. backed by investors and I am proud that many bondholders are ready to help accelerate our transition to electric vehicles Investing in Fastned means investing in a fossil-free future and helping We are building more new sites, expanding existing sites, hiring new talent and meeting an exponentially growing demand for electric vehicle charging.
The announcement came just months after raising €75 million from Schroders Capital. In June 2022, the company raised almost 23 million euros through a new bond issue.
Fastned was founded in 2012 by Michel Langesaal and Bart Lubbers to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles by giving drivers freedom of action. The company is developing a fast-charging infrastructure for electric vehicles across Europe.
Fastned owns and operates a network of electric vehicle charging stations in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, the UK and Belgium. Most of its stations are located in the rest areas of the Dutch motorways.
With over 215 fast charging stations, the company provides a fast charging infrastructure so that drivers can charge their electric vehicles in 15 minutes with a range of up to 300 km before continuing their journey.
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