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EV Charger Rain Cover

Short Description:

Our clients discovered a difficulty when their garage was insufficiently large and they had to charge their EV outside. Especially when they charge the EV overnight and there is a blizzard all night, the charging port aperture might become plugged with snow and ice, making it difficult to drain in the morning.  Therefore we offer a simple and practical solution: the EV charger cover. It can block rain, snow, ice, and sleet, especially in the winter, preventing the charging port from being blocked with snow and ice and saving you the trouble of cleaning it in the morning.

  • Protection:: Rain, Snow, Ice, and Weather Resistant
  • Color:: White/Silver/Gray/Cartoons/Camouflage
  • Material:: Waterproof Fabric
  • Fit Type:: Universal Fit
  • Vehicle Service Type:: EV car electric vehicles w/ steel shell
  • Ultraviolet Light Protection:: UV Protection
  • Product Detail

    For electric car owners whose garages have no garage space and have to charge outside, the EV charger cover is a simple and effective outdoor charging solution. It can block rain, snow, ice, and sleet, especially to prevent the charging port from getting jam-packed with snow and ice in winter, and avoid the pain of cleaning out in the morning. Thanks to the double-sided fabric, the other side of the cover is silver to protect the charging port from the sun's heat in summer.

    ev charger rain snow cover

    We stitched two stronger magnetic strips onto the rainproof fabric, increasing the magnetic flux by 80% over coverings with one magnetic strip. The strips are easy to fold to fit your electric vehicle, and the strong adhesion between the strip and the car body helps to keep rainfall out. You don't have to worry about the magnetic strips being blown away by the wind because they can sustain up to 9 lbs. Even if a large amount of snow or ice falls on the vehicle, the electric car charging port cover will remain in place.

    The inside lining is formed of anti-aging aluminized material, its double thick waterproof material, water-resistant sunscreen, and heat insulation technology. The fabric is both wear-resistant and long-lasting. It disperses the light source, keeping the charge cool, and avoids direct sunlight.

    This EV charger outlet cover will last a long time since it is made of high-quality canvas rather than flimsy fabric that will rip after a few wind gusts.






    ev charger rain snow cover5
    ev charger plug rain cover 2
    ev charger rain cover for front plug
    ev charger rain cover for side plug

    9 colors are avaible and each of them has 2 size types

    ev charger snow cover 3
    ev charger rain cover
    X Car Charging Port CoverX Electric Car Charger CoverX Electric Car Charging Port CoverX Ev Charger CoverX Ev Charger Cover WaterproofX Ev Charger Outdoor Cover
    ev charger rain cover 7
    ev charger rain cover 6
    ev charger rain cover 9
    ev charger rain cover 8
    X Ev Charger Cover Waterproof

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